Student Registration and Captains Incentives FAQ

Captains Incentives & FAQ

Captains are vital to the success of any High School Fishing Program, typically we see about 60 percent of High School Students have a dad or mentor committed to captain a team. This leaves many youth that really want to hit the water unable to participate in High School tournaments.

FAN High School Fishing is proud to be working with sponsors that want to make being a captain exciting and rewarding, and we are committed to continue to build the Captain Incentive Program as we grow.

We have heard that the real reward is spending time and sharing skills with the youth and watching them learn and grow on the water, and we truly believe once you captain a team you will be returning again and again.

However for those that want a little more incentive here you go!


Academy Captains Award

  • FAN High School Fishing Series will award the Captain of the highest finishing High School Team a $50 Gift Card


  • Captain Drawing- All captains will be in a draw for a $50 Academy Gift Card

Championship Drawing – We will have 2 drawings at the Championship

  • Volunteer Captains Only that have captained in 3 events
    • $50 Gift Card 

*Volunteers constitute captains that do not have a child/step child in the tournaments

  • Family Captains that have captained in 3 events
    • $50 Gift Card 


What Does the Boat Captain Do?

Boat captains are adults age 19+ that will drive the boat anytime the gas engine is used. The FAN HS Series will allow the boat captains  to fish, but their catch may not contribute to the students’ weight for competition.  Boat captains are primarily boat drivers and can advise the students on fishing.  The captain’s goal should be to help the students be better anglers, safe boaters, and to catch fish.  S Always pay attention to the tournament rules each time and if it is not clear then ask.

BOAT OPERATION & CAPTAIN RULE • Coaches/Captains  must supply and drive boats for their teams. To qualify as a boat captain, the person accompanying a team must be at least 19 years old. The Contestants may operate the trolling motor. Coaches may provide assistance, including information about locating and catching fish, and are permitted to fish but all fish caught must be released and will in no way contribute to the team’s total weight. The coach or captain may not fish for the student competitor. The student competitor must actively perform the entire fishing process including the casting, operating the lure, and reeling of the fish. The captain/coach may not hand the student a rod and reel that has a bait in the water. The use of mobile communication devices may only be used by the boat captains but not for the purposes of sharing fishing information during the tournament. Guides are eligible as a boat captain as long as they have not guided in the past 30 days on tournament waters. Boat captains, coaches, parents and/or participating student anglers are prohibited in hiring guides 30 days prior to ANY event.

What about Liability?

Every member, boat captain, volunteer and FAN club will have insurance coverage for all official FAN school club events.  To include $1 million of Liability coverage, $25,000 Excess Medical Coverage, $1 Million for any allegations of misconduct and $25,000 ‘Amber Alert’ coverage to find a lost child.