FAN High School Fishing Feedback


I love you guys and the spirit y’all carry! It’s amazing to see the love all of you have for God and see y’all acting out and doing these tournaments for us through y’alls faith! The tournaments are always so great and organized and all the people are so nice and encouraging! It’s so incredible and I’m happy to be apart of it.  Abbi Gass Lake Travis High School

It has been an honor to receive recognition and awards from an organization like Faith Angler Network, they have given me an opportunity to fish with anglers that are like minded and Christ centered, yet highly competitive and skilled fisherman. This organization is very unique in the fact that they desire to honor the Lord in all they do. Cameron Carter Magnolia West High School

Fishing the Faith Angler Network Trail has been a huge blessing because the fact that I’m surrounded by God loving fisherman like myself makes the whole atmosphere of the tournament is very welcoming. At weigh in of each tournament you are usually asked questions about your day on the lake and how the fishing was. Having to speak in front of your peers and being asked questions helps with public speaking and I find value in that for sure.  Zach Knowles Magnolia West High School

When I joined the original FAN bass fishing team I didn’t know anything about bass fishing except how to use a wacky rig senko. I got to where I am now by watching what my partners and captains used in tournaments and I would go home after a tournament to research and learn everything I could about techniques and different lures in different weather conditions and how I could use them.
This is the 2nd time I have placed 2nd in the FAN series championship and I owe that to Scott, Jeff and FAN. I would also like to thank Lance Hale and Ray Langlois for helping me go further in tournaments and believing in me.  Clayton Harbison – Texas Bass Academy

I am so grateful for being able to be a part of Texas Bass Academy and high school fishing tournaments.  I joined Texas Bass Academy 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to place 2nd in this tournament without the help I have received since I joined the team. My first year of bass fishing I struggled a lot, there were times when I wanted to just give up fishing tournaments.  I started out not knowing anything about bass fishing except for a t-rigged fluke. I have come so far with the help of Scott Anderson and Ray Langlois and the many other volunteers. Faith Angler Network has shown me that it’s not all about placing in tournament and catching fish.  It’s about having a good time out on the water.  I would like to thank Jeff Cook for putting in so much time to host these tournaments.  I look forward to coming back next year and continuing to do what I love. Clayton Gavin- Texas Bass Academy

“My experience with faith angler network has been incredible. Having the opportunity to fish alongside other Christian anglers has been very rewarding. From my first tournament and now nearing to my last, cialis every boat launch to weigh in has been nothing but professional and well run by the staff at Faith angler network. Every angler as well as the staff have been supporting each other in a positive manner guiding towards making us better anglers but more importantly more Godly boys and girls.”  Chase Hux  New Braunfels Christian Academy

“We have enjoyed their first year fishing the FAN trail and look forward to more.  We appreciate all that the staff does to make each tournament a wonderful experience.  It is great to see adults that care for the youth and the future of fishing” Clayton Green & Cameron Clouse Team Tightlines

“The FAN  tournament trail has done an awesome job organizing these tournaments and we appreciate the time they take to run this series” Cody Barchenger Thrall High School

“This is our 3rd year fishing with the Hyde Park High School Bass team and competing with the FAN organization.  We would like to thank Billy Wright (Hyde Park Leader), and Faith Angler Network for all they do and always putting together well run high school fishing tournaments” Ben Marczynski Hyde Park High School

The FAN high school series is great and is well worth the time. It’s a good opportunity to be on the water and the competition is definitely there.” Cole Jones Academy High School

The FAN trail is my favorite trail to fish they put on an awesome show. The stage and all the prizes are amazing I like being around all the people, it’s such a great organization they are always well planned out and organized! “ Preston Franke Texas Bass Academy


Faith Angler Network is  the reasons these boys found something they love and have a passion for and none of us could have done it without FAN .  I absolutely love what you do for boys and fishing.  It’s amazing to be a witness to your success at this.


I just wanted to thank you and the FAN organization for putting on a great tournament. I also wanted to thank y’all for producing the best day of fishing I’ve had with my kids and wife. I really wasn’t sure how the kids would handle a whole day of fishing with nothing but artificials. They’ve never tried it before. They’ve fished before, but it’s only been recently that the really got into it. Most of was with live bait. They’ve fished a little with artificials, but usually the fishing is tough and they give up and start swimming or something. After I talked to you, I asked them if they would be interested in fishing some high school tournaments. They both said yes, but my wife and I were skeptical as to whether they would be able to stick with it all the way to 2 pm. Then I really shocked them when I said we had to get up at 4 am. They did it with no complaints though. It seemed they were really excited.

I had no idea where to go on the lake. I haven’t fished it much. However, we found some fish and the bite lasted all day. It was the perfect day to get someone hooked on fishing. Adding to this was the tournament competition aspect. The first thing they wanted to accomplish was putting a keeper in the boat so they could weigh something in. They went through several short fish before finally producing a keeper. Then the plan was to weigh in a few fish. After they had three in the boat, they were dead set on bringing in a limit. They had one fish that if I set it just right, it appeared to touch the 14 inch line, but I didn’t think it was worth taking the chance so we let it go. They didn’t like that. They thought they had four. They lost several sure keepers right at the boat. They got upset, but it drove them harder. There was no losing interest before 2 pm. They constantly wanted to know how much time they had left to finish out their limit. They fished to the last possible moment, upset when they ran out of time. They caught fish up to the last minute, but couldn’t find that big fish. Earlier in the day, I fished a little with them, but they cut me off after I pulled in a 3 1/2 lber fishing between them. They were not happy and needless to say, I didn’t fish the rest of the day.

They had a blast. Cade caught 13 and Claire caught 12, all spread out through the day. They are hooked on bass fishing and can’t wait until Lake Austin. I waited until after the tournament to see if they like it before I ordered team shirts. I went ahead and ordered them today from the website.

Thanks again to you and FAN for putting all this together.



Getting back in the groove for the week and just wanted to  let you guy’s know how much we enjoyed fishing with FAN Saturday. We were very impressed with the tournament and participants as a whole. Very professional and representing Christ throughout all that you did. What a great thing that you guy’s have started. Without a doubt, your organization is going to grow beyond what anyone has ever expected.

We have a schedule conflict for LBJ. Chase and I fish another adult series – South Texas 5 – and are leading the points for AOY. Just hate to give that up. We will however be participating in all the others moving forward and a full season next year.

Thank you very much for making us feel welcome. It was a great weekend.