Our Mission

Through a passion for competitive fishing, Faith Angler Network is committed to invest in the lives of young anglers by fostering a network that is dedicated to share the life-changing reality of faith, fishing, and friendship.

The Story Behind

Beginning with a love for fishing and a passion for faith, in 2008 Jeff Cook began to dream big. As an avid angler himself, Jeff had been competing in fishing tournaments for a long time and sensed the tremendous opportunity to enjoy God’s amazing gifts of nature and the great outdoors by reaching well beyond the traditional anglers that were naturally drawn to the tournament circuit. He and his dedicated volunteers, Scott Anderson, Justin Rieger, and several others were inspired to combine their passion for competitive fishing and sharing the gospel so that future generations can experience the life-changing reality that faith, fishing, and friendships has in shaping and changing lives. In 2008, Faith Angler Network (FAN) became a reality.

Today, FAN has evolved and is committed to creating a digital platform for teens to share the life changing benefits of growing in faith and friendships through competitive fishing. Fan is also committed to provide professionally run bass fishing tournaments that embrace the impact fishing can have on the lives of teenagers. When you become a “FAN”, you become part of a family dedicated to grow in faith, where fishing is more than a sport and God is more than an idea. Matthew 4:18-22 reads “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men”. We call FAN a “network” because our heart is to be a community casting a broad and weighted net, working together as we live life, enjoy fishing, embrace faith, and develop friendships for life.

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Faith Angler Network is a 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization