FAN 2022/2023 Championship Tournament Hosted by   

Presented by   

Congratulations 2022/2023 Championship Qualifiers! We are excited to finally close out our season and recognize your success and award over $15,000 in scholarships and prizes.   

The Scholarship will be awarded. 

1st Place – $4,000 – 2nd Place – $3,000 – 3rd Place – $2,500 – 4th Place – $1,500 -5th Place – $1,000 

To confirm you have qualified check here.  

Official Tournament Site:   

Concho Park Marina Pavilion 

24282 RM-11, Millersview, TX 76862, United States 

O.H. Ivie will be off limits from April 23rd 6PM until official practice day April 29th. The official practice will be Saturday April 29th from safe light until 3PM. Everyone MUST BE OFF THE WATER BY 3PM.  

Mandatory Championship Meeting April 29h     

Registration will start at 5PM.   

Concho Park Marina Pavilion 

This will not be a full banquet with meal due to remote logistics. 

You will check in and draw your boat number. We will have recognition and go over rules. 

Tournament Day will be Sunday April 30th. 

We will have a controlled start by boat number and launch at safe light. 

Weigh in be at the pavilion per flight designation starting at 2PM  

Tournament Registration will be open via the FAN Portal until April 26th at 9pm.

REMINDER – O.H. Ivie has unique length restrictions. 

No team may retain more than two largemouth or spotted bass (in any combination) less than 18 inches long, all additional largemouth or spotted bass must be 18 inches or greater. All smallmouth bass must be 14 inches or greater.  

Largemouth or spotted bass presented for weigh in, which fail to measure the prescribed length limit, will result in loss of the smallest largemouth or spotted bass and a one-pound penalty to the weight of the remaining fish. Smallmouth presented for weigh in which fails to measure the prescribed length limit, will result in the loss of that particular smallmouth and a one-pound penalty to the weight of the remaining fish.  


BOAT OPERATION & CAPTAIN RULE • Boat captains, coaches, parents and/or participating student anglers are prohibited in hiring/bartering, and or fishing with professional guides 30 days prior to ANY event.