Faith Angler Network 2010 Championship

October 28-29, 2011 Lake OH Ivey


The two day event will be held at Lake OH Ivey October 28-29, 2011. Elm Creek Lodge will be our tournament host.

All boats will go through a live will and boat safety check prior to launching at safe light on both days.

Teams will receive boats numbers via random draw during the per-tournament meeting October 27st. Teams will be launched in boat number in pre-determined flights, on day two flight and team will be released in reverse or­der.

Standard FAN Rules will apply during the FAN Championship.

Championship waters (Lake OH Ivey) will be off limits starting at 7PM Sunday October 2nd, 2011 until October 26th. Official Practice will begin at safelight on October 26th. Teams are permitted to practice in two boats during official practice. All teams are required to attend the meeting to be held the evening prior to the first day of competition. (At least one team member must be in attendance prior to the beginning of the inspirational message, and remain until the end of the meeting). Those not in attendances at the meeting will be declared ineligible to compete. Entry fees will remain at $150.00. Entries must be made either online at by 9PM October 15th or at Fish Finders Marine by 6PM October 15th. There will be one big fish paid each day. In the event there is still a tie, a one hour fish-off will determine the winner, if possible. The details of the fish off or other options will be arranged by the tournament director.

In the event that inclimate weather forces the cancellation of one day of competition, the standings from one day of competition will be considered the final standings for the event.

No fishing information may be purchased, bartered, or solicited from any person who was on tournament waters during Official off-limits, practice, or competition days. Only information that is public domain may be used during the Official off-limits, practice, or competition days. Examples of this may include: published fishing reports, lake side publications, open information on the internet, forums, etc. All other Faith Angler Network Tournament Rules will apply to the Championship Tournament as well.