Updated Information Regarding Weather for Lake Buchanan Event 2/24/18

FAN student anglers, coaches, captains, and parents:
Due to the forecasts of potential high winds [current forecast here], FAN is putting safety first and will be allowing participants to trailer to other ramps for the tournament and we’re providing extra time for launching and trailering.  Please note the following important details and changes for Saturday’s tournament.
Morning Check-In
Each team member and captain are required to check-in in person.  We will offer the morning check-in at two locations from 5:30AM-7:00AM: 
1) Llano County Park [map
2) HEB parking lot in Burnet [map]
Fishing Time        7:30AM2:00PM
You may launch your boat and be in the water any time after you check-in, however you are not to cast a line or fish (or even look like you are fishing) until 7:30AM (first cast start time) 
All fishing must stop at or befor2:00PM.
Afternoon Check-In        2:00PM3:00PM
Each team needs to have one member come to the check-in table at the weigh-in location at Llano County Park between 2:00PM-3:00PM and get an official weigh-in bag.  The scales will officially open at 2:00PM.  Check-ins after 3:00PM will be considered late and will endure the late penalties as specified in the rules.  There should be adequate truck and trailer parking available at this boat ramp.
In order to preserve fish health, we will require you to only use a FAN provided weigh-in bag, which will be given to you at the afternoon check-in station.  We will limit how many bags are available so that we don’t have too many fish in bags at the line.  If no bags are available, you will need to wait for a bag to become available.  Once you have an official FAN weigh-in bag, please go back to your boat and fill the bag with water and your fish and promptly come to the weigh-in line.  
Weather can be unpredictable and can change during the hours of a tournament.  Captains please use your judgement on weather and take shelter if there are indications of lightning or if you hear thunder.  If for any reason FAN finds the weather to be too unsafe, we will make an announcement on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  If at any time you do not feel safe and want to leave the tournament, please just contact us and let us know.
New Members
Thanks for joining FAN!  Normally we give our new members a T-shirt at the morning check-in, but for this tournament please plan to see us after the weigh-in at the weigh-in trailer and we’ll get you your new member kit.

Faith Angler Network Prepares for Canyon Lake

Hosted by South Texas Bass Commanders Youth Fishing Program

Faith Angler Network is proud to announce Registration for Canyon Lake is now available. Check in will start at 4:30am, thumb Canyon Lake Park ramp 18. There will be a boat safety check and we will release boats in numerical order at safe light approximately 6:30.

Weigh in will be at the Pavilion, you will need to be checked in at the ramp dock by 2PM.

Hewitt and Geeslin win Waco in a “BIG” way

Faith Angler Network’s second stop of the season on Waco reveals a Central Texas gem.

Mike Hewitt and Brannon Geeslin managed an impressive 18.69 lb. bag with a 9.33 kicker fish in their first win of the season.

Chris Alexander and Bill Howl also brought in a very respectable 15.72 with a 8.70 big fish.

Jim and Trey round out our Top 3 Teams on Waco with a nice bag of 14.22

FAN is providing test rides through Marine Outlet for the new 2013 Phoenix Boats at our Trail events. Please let us know if your interested in a test ride or if we can answer any questions!

Total Teams: 20
Total Fish: 49 Ave. Fish per Team: 2.00
Total Released: 49 100% Ave. Weight per Team: 6.01
Total Fish Weight: 120.18 Ave. Weight per Fish: 2.45