Outdoor Technologies is proud to partner up with the Faith Angler Network

Outdoor Technologies, LLC based out of Batesville Indiana could not be happier about bringing their 2 brands, OT Wear custom jerseys and Reeler’s Shield natural sunscreen to the teams competing in Faith Angler Network tournaments. Outdoor Technologies was formed in July of 2017 and has been focused on bringing their products to high school and college fishing teams since day 1. We feel that F.A.N. is a tournament trail that represents the best that this sport has to offer and we are excited to be a part of F.A.N.

OT Wear custom jerseys have quickly become the jersey company that tour pros and especially high school and college fishing teams turn to when standing out from their competition is key. Tour pros such as Scott Martin, Jimmy Houston, Greg DiPalma, Bailey Boutries, Jacob Wall and other have worked with OT right out of the gate because of our commitment to communicate with our anglers and teams so that we can design jerseys that not only represent their individuality, but that also provide maximum exposure for each of their corporate sponsors. At OT we work hand in hand with every single customer to create a completely custom design that is NEVER replicated on another customer. OT also understands how important sponsors are and we know that sponsors are a big part of keeping anglers on the water. That is why we are surgical when it comes to placing logos. We know that the happier your sponsors are the more likely they are to keep supporting your team. This is why we ask our teams to provide pictures to us from events they compete in. We are the only jersey company that uses its social media platforms to help our customers, and the sponsors who support them, get as much exposure as possible. OT offers a full line of crew collar or ¼ zip jerseys with templates and sizes specific for men, women, and youth anglers. We also offer sun hoodies and fleece-lined hoodies that can match any design we come up with for your jerseys. We have discounted pricing for larger orders, combo pricing for jersey and hoodie orders, and we are happy to offer all FAN teams an additional 5% discount on their orders. Every OT customer receives true custom design, precision logo placement and customer service that is unmatched. Call us today and get to know the OT difference. Check us out on the www.ot-wear.com website. Keith Pittman a founder of OT and the head of sales is always ready to discuss options for you team ad can be reached directly at 812-363-6420 or by email [email protected].

Reeler’s Shield is our sunscreen that was specifically developed with tournament anglers in mind. We knew that our sunscreen had to be a product that tournament anglers knew would keep them protected without getting all over their gear and had no scent or smell keeping the fish from biting. It took some time but we succeeded. Reeler’s Shield is all natural, eco/reef friendly, and it goes on dry without any scent or smell. We also made the stick easy to apply and it fits perfectly into your pocket, tackle box or life jacket pocket. It provides long lasting broad-spectrum protection that can be applied before you ever hit the ramp. Don’t worry if you drop your stick in the water because we made our stick floats. Far too many anglers over the age of 40 have to deal with skin cancer because they were not using proper sun protection when they were young. This is why Reeler’s Shield offers sponsorship to teams that commit to proper sun protection every time they hit the water. We also offer a 5% discount on your jersey order and free product for your team if you add the Reeler’s Shield logo to jerseys ordered through OT Wear. We have created a special promotional code (Faith) that can be used at checkout to receive free shipping on all of our already discounted bundle packs on the www.reelers-shield.com website. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, but it is also the most preventable and we are hoping that through our partnership with the Faith Angler Network will help keep the next generation of pro anglers from ever having to deal with skin cancer. So get out, rip some lips and get your Shield up today.

High school fishing continues to be a growing industry and Outdoor Technologies is looking forward to being a part of the Faith Angler Network tournament trail for years to come. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] or call Keith Pittman today at 812-363-6420.