Faith Angler Network is proud to announce that Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies has joined forces with FAN for the 2012 season.  Carl Shockey, Founder and President of Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies tells his story.

In 2003 I was faced with a difficult choice.  For nearly twenty five years I had been a captive agent for two of the largest insurance companies in the country. While successful in many respects I had grown frustrated and weary of my inability to provide my customers with a broad range of insurance products and services that could meet their everyday needs.  I was also very tired of my companies’ threats to cancel my contract for not pushing ‘flavor’ of the month products that might make them more profitable, but not necessarily were a solution or of any help to my clients.

Having received some good advice from a trusted friend in the industry, I felt now was the time to start an Independent Insurance Agency.  In the spring of 2003 Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies was launched by a handful of dedicated individuals.  It was now about putting ourselves back in control of our agency — it is not about being controlled by the companies and vendors you represent. While we believe it is imperative to meet, and hopefully exceed, the annual growth and productivity objectives of each of our carriers, it should not come at the expense of an agent being unable to help their customers make the right buying decisions. The individuals at Paragon have always believed that customers’ needs come first. Each and everyone one of them know that the relationship and trust that we work to have with our customers is largely responsible for where we are today.

Quantity versus Quality
Besides our people, what also makes Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies different from other Independents is our goal to represent the very best “Blue Chipâ€, highly rated Insurance companies in the industry. While we are always looking for carriers that can be of benefit to our clients we do not pick a company just for the sake of having one.  We look for long term relationships with our insurance carriers because it means having a long term relationship with our customers. Paragon sets the highest standards of excellence in servicing Texans’ personal insurance needs and in doing so we partner with carriers who day in and day out can serve our customers at a very high level.

Why Choose Paragon?
A paragon by one definition is a diamond, shaped with uncompromising integrity and quality. That is our mission in the field of personal and commercial property and casualty insurance; to be a partner that our Customers can trust with confidence.  We are an organization that strives to assure our clients that every available resource will be used to completely satisfy their insurance needs. It is with and a lot of long hours and hard work and the help of many people who share in that business philosophy.  Since our start, Paragon has grown from one location to locations all across Texas, and we continue to add new branch offices each year. Since that time Carl has built a successful business and has 9 locations across Texas.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to promote Paragon Independent Insurance†says Jeff Cook, Founder of Faith Angler Network.  “My wife and I were looking to combine our separate auto policies and home insurance last year.   I made a call to Travis Tolbert and was impressed right away with his professionalism and friendly attitude.  He told us that there were several great products that he wanted to research before providing a quote.  When he called back I was pleasantly surprised to hear a quote for better coverage at a much better rate than we were receiving from our previous provider.  We were able to save $75 per month or $900 per yearâ€.

In the Austin Area;

Travis Tolbert

I have been in insurance since 2002.  I started with Farmers insurance and in August of 2010 became an independent agent with Paragon.  As an independent agent, I have the opportunity to get the best insurance value for my clients because I can quote auto and home insurance through many quality insurance carriers. I love the outdoors (avid cyclist) and my wife and I have lived in Pflugerville since 2000

Travis Tolbert

Tolbert Insurance Agency LLC

Paragon Independent Agencies Inc.

(O) 512-990-8500   (F) 866-609-6803

15901 Central Commerce Dr. #502

Pflugerville, TX 78660

Peter Menke

Peter Menke Insurance

8700 Manchaca Rd, Ste 204,

Austin, TX  78748, office:  512-280-2579.

I joined Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies in February of 2010 and was an agent with Farmers Insurance for over 20 years prior.

As an independent insurance agent I can provide insurance products from many A rated carriers.  This ensures that I can find the right coverage for the right price for your home, your vehicles, and of course your boats and RVs.

My wife and I have lived in south Austin for over 30 years and have two grown daughters who are out of the house and off the payroll.  I spend as much time as I can outside either on my mountain or road bike.

Paragon Independent Insurance Representatives & Regions.

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