The Retired Colonels Team of Bill Shelnutt IX and David Titus make a statement on Lake Travis and win with 19.12 pounds. And a whopping 4 pound advantage over the second place team.

The Pre-Tournament meeting and Dinner was a complete success at Hill Country Bible Church NW, with special guest Mike Hastings and a complete BBQ meal from Rudy’s Country Store and Bar B Que. Mike presented a great question and insight to that question “How do I know if I will go to Heaven†Thanks Mike for the simple approach to this heavy topic.

Saturday April 28th would start off nice and cool in the morning; however, in true April tradition as the sun came up so did the wind. And with 25 mile gusts, the day would test most teams on the water.

With 30 teams competing for points and over $4300.00 in cash, this would be a nice payday for the top 6 teams that place in the money.

And a great payday it was for Bill Shelnutt and David Titus who has been fishing with us since our first tournament back in 2004. Today would be their day to win it all.

Bill told me that David went out a few weeks earlier and hit the lower end with no luck finding decent fish, and during the official practice on Friday they focused on mid lake and “Still was not happy with the fish we were catching†Bill said, “so we decided to head further up the lake to Briar Cliff where we caught a nice fish and left the area for tournament dayâ€

Bill stated that they drew boat 20 and by the time they got to that area, there was another boat sitting there “so we fished the other directionâ€. This turned out to be a good decision as they caught 3 keepers on this ledge fishing into the back of the cove. This is where Bill would connect with his first 6 pounder throwing a black and blue craw in about 4 foot of water.  Bill stated,  “we had a limit by 9:30 and started culling up and praising Godâ€. After a few more culls in the same area Bill would catch his second 6 pounder on spinner bait on the same ledge.

I knew they had a great day when I saw them walking to the scales with big smiles and a big bag of fish.

Their efforts would send them home with a $1600 pay day including the $500 Texas Boat World winner bonus.  Not a bad payday for 30 teams.

We had 30 teams participate on the third stop of the Faith Angler Network Trail –

1 Dave Titus 16 Lake Kisselburg
Bill Shelnutt FAN 19.12 Jayson Kisselburg 6.27
2 Brian Washburn 17 Brandon Bray
David Gandaria  25 14.14 Joe Bray 5.77
3 Randy Vaughn 18 Jacob Lewallen
Tony Fedinando 13.51 Johnny Lewallen  5.24
4 Andy Nuyen 19 Deborah Rebisz
Ronny Maynard  12.95 Lance Hale  4.20
5 Dwayne Kinley 20 Ron Seevers
Tim McNeal 12.82 Randy Sitz 2.72
6 Joey Wilson 21 Jane Bingle
Mike Hastings 12.73 Bob Bingle 7 2.45
7 John Weatherly 22 John Ratliff
Rex Wheeler 12.59 Jason Stafford  2.17
8 Randy Grounds 23 Chuck Millard
Allen Gass 12.14 David Millard1.72
9 Brian Booker 24 Matt Millard
Dale Read FAN Y 22 11.99 Bud Croom  1.36
10 Lee Beuershausen 25 Tyler Wright
Charles Whited  9.81 Billy Wright 1.30
11 Blake Dillard 26 Mike Sedillo
Lance Dillard  8.67 Toby Turner  1.11
12 Leisha Loggians 27 James Meredith
Earl Loggians  7.65 Jacob Meredith 0.00
13 Lee Roberts 27 Garrett Nelson
Jacky Roberts  7.07 Justin Pollei 0.00
14 Alexander Meine 27 Clifton Watters
David Bueche 7.02 David Stephens  0.00
15 Chris Crow 27 Mike Clark
James Ackerman 6.38 Lance Wenmohs  0.00




202.90 lbs. AVE. WEIGHT/TEAM: 6.76


Registration 30+ $4500

Payout on the ramp

(side pot not included) $3800 (% 84)

Earmarked for championship    $ 1470.00

($300 this event)

“                  “      AOY categories $ 1470.00

($450 this event)

Over all payback to angler $4550 or 106%   total

( not including side pot)

We paid 6 places, 6th place earned $200

We also want to say thanks to those that continue to support Faith Angler Network for another season

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