The results are in and Ronnie Trower and Jeff Pitrucha pulled another FAN Championship win by inching out Charles Whited and Lee Beuershausen who had the lead on day one with 18.14 pound, Saturday Whited and Beuershausen came to the scales ahead of Trower and Pitrucha with a limit weighing in at 16.12, their 2 day weight totaled 34.26 pounds, however when Trower and Pitrucha stepped on stage with 20.78 pounds and a 2 day total of 39.97 pounds, Whited and Beuershausen would be over 3.5 pounds shy of taking the FAN 2011 Championship home. Thanks to everyone that participated in the Championship, our sponsors, and a big Thank you to Jerry Hunter and Elm Creek Village for being superb host.

Results and pics